Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If forced to choose, I'd say one of my favorite holiday decorations is the wreath.  I could write a dissertation on the history of wreaths, what they symbolized in ancient Rome, how they played a role in religious circles (and still do), but this modern designer just likes the classic elegance of a beautifully made wreath. I also love that you can leave a wreath up from September-January and not look like the neighborhood weirdo or latest cast member of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!  If you've shopped for wreaths recently, however, you've probably noticed how expensive they've gotten. I have multiple Christmas trees in our house and, naturally, I love multiple wreaths, but refuse to pay the inflated prices, so took matters (and designs) into my own hands. I popped over to the arts and crafts store where I purchased a wire wreath frame for $3.00.  With the same fishing wire I used for my mason jar project, I attached twigs and pine cones (after spray painting them gold) to the wire frame.  I've also used ribbon (weave through the frame), glued colorful ornaments, attached photos and just about anything you can imagine.  It's the holidays, get creative (and send me a picture if you do)!!