Tuesday, November 27, 2012


No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, chances are you're pretty happy the election is finally over.  Now that months of ruthless, nasty, back-stabbing campaigns are behind us we can finally focus on what's really important...ourselves!  Yeah, I said it...take a swim in lake YOU for goodness sake, and spend a little of your hard earned benjamins on little old you.  Or, if you haven't crossed everyone off your holiday list, maybe grab a little bit of joy for someone you love.  After a recent visit to a friends home in a once undesirable part of town (it has since been re-gentrified to include offices of former US Presidents, Congressmen, etc.), I discovered a fabulous tip hanging on his walls.  After cruising around on the Library of Congress website (www.loc.gov) he discovered reproductions of vintage photos taken in his neighborhood in Manhattan, as well as other great shots from around the country.  The best part...the Library of Congress offers these images at NO CHARGE whatsoever. Yup, pick yourself up off that Persian rug and read that again..FREE!  Images available on the site include vintage maps, photos from cities around the country, reproductions of famous artists works and much, much more.  Fill out a quick form, click on what you want (up to four at a time), wait a few days and the unique, free art arrives in the mail...followed shortly thereafter by Jury Duty, I'm sure, but hey FREE is FREE!  The government spends a lot of time and money taking ours, so take a few minutes to get a little from them!