Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'm sorry, I think I've lost something and maybe you can help me find it.. September? OCTOBER?? How on earth have we already arrived at the intersection of Gobble and Gobble before settling into our comfy pumpkin carving space?  I guess this happens every year, though..I start talking about how excited I am for fall in June, by mid-July I'm planning my Thanksgiving tablescape and by October I'm already depressed that it's almost over.  I'm usually so excited about the planning that I forget to enjoy the doing.  The other day I found myself vacuuming for several hours trying to rid our house of any sign of Canyons hair.  As crazy as this sounds,  I discovered I kinda missed the hair of the dog.  After all, it's the little things..even those totally annoying little bits like dog hair..that make our house so comfortable and inviting and, I think, fun for visiting friends and relatives.  Nice. Beautiful in spots, flawed in others yet incredibly comfortable.  So, on this Tuesday as I over-produce just about everything before Thanksgiving, I want to pause life for just a second...and appreciate every minute of it!
TAKE TWO...I'll be back next week to obsess about everything CHRISTMAS..for now, I'm just enjoying my family for this very special holiday...and Canyons hair in my cereal, of course!