Monday, November 26, 2012


Has everyone gone completely nuts, or is it just me?  I've never, ever found myself perched at the Thanksgiving table itching to fly the coop as soon as the turkey was cleared to get a discounted television at walmart (well, I've never been inclined to buy anything at walmart, but that's another story entirely).  The news coverage of people going totally bonkers for everything from notepads to i-pads and everything in-between was about as unbelievable as a trustworthy politician. These people need to lay off the tablet obsession and pop a few pills!  Holiday gift buying isn't worth getting in a fight with total strangers over who grabbed the Dora doll first!  Personally, I enjoy shopping from the comfort of my home-sweet-peaceful-home while wearing slippers and sipping coffee.  While stumbling over screaming babies and discarded merchandise at a popular retail establishment this weekend (after questioning my sanity for entering said location), as impersonal as it may seem, gift cards are the way to go!  My hands down favorite..AMAZON.  If you haven't shopped amazon lately, it's worth a browse.  I don't think there's anywhere else on earth where you can purchase underpants, wine, a cardboard deer bust, bicycle and gourmet popcorn without leaving your seat or losing your mind!  So, this holiday give the gift anyone can use..the amazon gift card!
Speaking of, it's also one of my favorites for easy holiday decorations.  I purchased an artificial tree for my home-office for under $35 and had it delivered in less than two days.  Because we all love the scent of fresh trees, I purchased real garland at Home Depot ($12 for an 8' strand) and draped it all over the house.  Some call it cheating, I call it fabulous!