Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Just as the lights came back on, suddenly another biggie is roaring towards us this week, so I decided to grab the Nor'easter by the horns and get a few supplies.  As one can imagine, everything from flashlights to gasoline and bread are in high demand and low supply in our area, but if you hunt around (especially on Amazon) you can have things shipped in just a few days.  Placing my bets (on not getting too sick) I headed into the eye of the storm in our area..Walmart..where I found a few goodies to ride out the next storm.  After grabbing Maglites, batteries, Duraflame logs and non-perishable munchies like peanuts and chips, I popped over to the camping aisle (sandwiched between gun sales and camouflage gear...THE outfit of walmart shoppers)...I found this great Coleman Propane fueled coffee maker.  Sure no power and no shower sucks, but no morning coffee is pretty bad too, so this baby will pay for itself ten-fold.  At $80 it's a bit steep at walmart, but I found the same thing on Amazon with next day free delivery for $70 (non-stainless version is $35).  It uses small propane canisters you can also purchase at hellmart and use in your lanterns as well.  Next time the power fails I can sit back with Joe and sip a nice, warm cup of Joe (ten cups, actually!).
Worry no mo, this is the answer to power outages everywhere.  The stainless canister is just like the one you use at home and keeps coffee warm for up to two hours.  Attach the propane canister and have delicious coffee in less than ten minutes and calmed nerves (depending on how strong you make it) for much, much longer!