Monday, October 29, 2012


While I work off my hurricane hangover (wowzah!), I thought I'd get a quick blurb in before we lose power for what some hysterical media outlets say could be up to a week.   As expected, hurricane Sandy is on her way for a little visit to our area, so I thought I'd prepare by lighting a few candles.  While some make fun of me (he shall remain nameless) for purchasing battery operated candles, they come in handy in situations like this.  Still my hands-down favorite in design and quality are those I purchased at Restoration Hardware five years ago ( starting at $18/each).  They look incredibly realistic, have a nice bright glow and last forever, but prices are indeed higher than many you'll find on Amazon...but you get what you pay for!  As we prepare for several days without power, I figured I'd get a jump start on my holiday decorating (and keep myself from going totally nuts while stuck at home).  Halloween is likely going to be a bust this year, so I'll roll right into the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating as I make Martha Stewart hyper-anal lists of what I'd like to do.  Too bad I don't have hundreds of servants to help me like Ms. Diva, but half the fun (or actually all of it) is doing it yourself.  Because I'm just not gay enough, I decided to add glitter to a few projects to give them a lot more glitz and a little glamour this holiday season.  To transition my gourds from Halloween to Thanksgiving and beyond, I popped over to our local arts and crafts store (right after filling up on water, batteries and other storm supplies) and picked up craft glue, a few cheap brushes and various shades of glitter Tina Turner-style!  Store bought gourds go from wah to WOW by adding glue and a few sprinkles of colorful glitter.  I also found plain candlesticks at Hellmart (walmart, that is) for $1/each so also painted them with craft glue followed by glitter and, once dried, a clear shellac.  Now I can keep myself busy for at least ten minutes of this long-winded storm!  Here's to a safe, fun holiday filled with glitz, glitter and glam!