Friday, October 5, 2012


Paws down, our puppy is treated better than any human in our home and, really, that's the way it should be!  Canyon's beginnings on the streets of LA were ruff, so we love to pamper her like crazy in her new digs in the Hudson Valley of New York.  Because this bi-coastal pup has crossed the senior citizen mark in dog-years, we try to make everything in her life as comfortable as possible.  Yup, she's on every sofa, her shedding hair is on every surface in our home (including toothbrushes and coffee, I haven't a clue) and all of the beds in our house, with an exception of her dog beds, are hers.  I figured it was time to raise the bar in canine design in our home, so I literally raised her food dishes to make life (and eating) a little more comfortable for Canyon.  Sure, it's easy to head over to Pet Whatever and buy an over-priced dog dish, but that wouldn't be chic enough for our hipster oldster.  Instead I headed to our local liquor store and asked for discarded wine crates, flipped one over, cut a washable piece of fabric for the top (even the cleanest pups spill from time to time) and placed her dishes on top.  Now mealtime is a breeze for her and much, much more comfortable.
The owners of our local liquor store are incredibly friendly and love when I take things like these crates off of their hands and out of their recycle bin.  Canyon and her dishes get one (and I keep an extra just in case) and the others are great for storing tools in the garage, towels in a guest bath, magazines in the family room or easy trays for carrying dinner goodies outside in the summer.  And, hey, they're free, so what's not to like about that??