Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yep, guess what? I'm at it again...I just can't get enough of holiday decorating.  In fact, I think Joe's resigned himself to the idea of living in a holiday gift shop, because that's what our house is starting to look like!  A white fake tree and bright blue ornaments from Christopher Radko arrived last week (more on that later), I've gone hog wild with gold spray paint (more on that later, too) and, well, I've bought so many pumpkins and gourds from the local farmers market our front porch is beginning to look like a grocery store.  One of the many things I love about gourds in particular, is many of them last the entire holiday season (especially if you keep them away from radiators and active fireplaces).  It's easy to dress them up for Halloween and gussy them up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables too.  By the time Christmas and New Year's roll around I start using mine as place holders at the dinner table (by cutting a tiny slit in the top for a piece of distressed paper for names).  If they start to dry out around Christmas, I'll make a wreath or use them as ornaments on a tree (hey, an excuse to buy another tree!!). For now, though, here are a few tricks I use to make these fun plants real treats during the holiday:
1.) for a unique twist on the traditional pumpkin, carve shapes like circles, zig-zags or other designs in several gourds and place them by your front door with battery operated tea lights inside (so they don't burn and last a lot longer)
2.) Go nuts and spray paint them fun colors, using them as a centerpiece on your festive table.
3.) Hallow them out completely and fill them with candy
4.) Using smaller gourds, pop little holes in the top and punch holes in the sides with an icepick.  Insert Christmas lights through the hole in the top and string outside for a whimsy autumn design