Thursday, October 18, 2012


I think I'll call today "Thrifty Thursday" because I've reached the limit of one of my clients budgets for a kitchen renovation and had to get creative in incorporating an island.  Truth told,  I found a cool antique table in her attic, painted it glossy white and added casters to the bottom so she could roll it around..well, it looked less like something where you'd prepare a meal and more like the place you'd perform an autopsy.  So, I ditched that $10 project and hit the road in search of better ideas.  Because we are going for a modern look in her old farmhouse kitchen (I painted the upper cabinets dark, glossy grey and the lowers high gloss black, incorporated butcher block, polished stone and stainless steel for the counters (trying to bring in some of the elements from the surrounding area..wood, stone, etc.) so a stainless steel island seemed to make the most sense (perched under a black and white crystal chandelier).  My searches on line found nothing under $500 and even Ikea's answer to the modern island was $399!  Because I'm scratching pennies together as we near the end of the project, I had to be diligent in keeping cost down.  Yesterday, while strolling the aisles of my home away from home (the Home Depot), I came across this stainless steel prep island sold as a tool station for $130!  At 49"long, 24" wide and 39" high, this was the perfect piece for my kitchen.  Now I'm just hoping my client loves it too!