Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I promised myself I wouldn't get political as I tipped and typed my way through this design election.  Truly.  Honestly.  I swear, like a politician swears to tell the truth, and swears to never cheat on his wife and swears to change our lives forever by lowering taxes, extending daylight savings and ending wars forever SWEAR. Yeah, that kinda swear! I swore I wouldn't go there about that certain asshole governor who dared mention holding a binder filled with "qualified women" to hire.  If it weren't for at least one qualified woman in your life, dickhead, you wouldn't be here threatening our futures!  I digress..but, as long as we're talking about binders, I might as well be honest about how I use them.  I LOVE them.  From organizing our take-out menus and home appliances to keeping an inventory of everything we purchase in a calendar (taxable) year, I binder EVERYTHING.  Just when I thought Mitt didn't know shit, he is actually on to something.
Binders are as cheap as $.50 at Target and walmart.  I love to buy a pack of plastic sheet protectors at Office Max or Staples for $5 to protect receipts, menus, instruction manuals, etc.  And, yes, I number many of ours.  Anything house-related is in a black binder and numbered accordingly..1 is always KITCHEN, 2 is always FAMILY ROOM, etc so no matter what house we are in, the numbers are always the same....the lake house also has a 1 for the kitchen, etc.  Design projects get colorful binders, like the Orla Keily binder from Target above. I bought fifty last year and use them for every client project.  God, I still have 42 left so better get working!!