Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, it's that time of year again THANK GOD.  The wretched humidity of summer has faded to the not too distant past as leaves begin to change color, the sun sets a little earlier and the crisp air of fall is in the air.  I love the holidays and clearly have (at least) a mild fondness of design, so an opportunity to get wacky and creative, just happens to float my well appointed boat!  The triangle eyes and crooked teeth we used as a template for childhood pumpkin decorations are as out as Coolots, crimped hair, TV dinners and Pintos!  I love candy corn more than anything (well, I guess I'd like a gift of a Mercedes or trip to France a little more, but..) so why shouldn't I paint my pumpkins to look like them?  My friend and designer, Michelle Roy (www.michelleroydesigns.com) turned me on to painting my pumpkins with a glossy black paint.  She also bedazzles hers, but I'm just as happy with my shiny black gourds.  If you're getting creative this Halloween (and you should), send me pictures and I'll post your great ideas here!  Happy Autumn and here's to a wonderful, happy holiday season..now go out and grab every minute of it!