Monday, October 8, 2012


I've worked with several clients in the past few years who have insisted on installing dark wood floors in their homes to create sleek, modern looks.  My advice to all of them..the only "sleek" you'll see on dark floors are the sleek streaks of hard soled shoes, deep scratches from furniture, marks from pet nails and little bits and pieces of everything that comes anywhere near those precious floors.  In short, don't do it.  Unless, of course, you are single, have no pets or friends and never leave your bed.  There's no question dark floors look stunning on paper (and in photos) but the reality of living with them is quite different.  A few tones south of black is lovely grey..heck, we all learned a lot about the various shades of grey this summer, so why not take those lessons one step further and apply them to the precious square footage under your feet! Grey floors live well in virtually any setting; french country to mid-century modern, the look is both marvelous and strong.  It hides a multitude of sins while you sing the praises of its beauty.  Next time you think you want to go black, take a step back!
If you're afraid to go all out grey, give it a little test by heading to the Home Depot and purchasing a sample of Behr's Grey Sky and slap it on something in your home like an old dresser, side table or chair.  Sit back, relax and see what grey can do for you!