Thursday, October 25, 2012


Prepare yourself, I'm about to say something horrific.  "Friends" of ours have God-awful manufactured wood floors in their entire house.  Thankfully, they don't own a computer so won't read this (humm, maybe the same reason they didn't research better flooring options..Fake floors=NEVERDOIT).  The other day I popped over to help organize a family room disaster (they purchased a wrap around Lazy-Boy sofa complete with coolers, ipod plug-ins and "odor resistant" fabric).  Oops, forgot to warn you that I was about to say something horrific again...I mean, there truly are no words for this.  But, I try not to judge and help where I can.  My "friend," we'll call her Honey Boo Boo, was furious when she spotted a huge scratch in the middle of her floor.  Apparently her husband tried to move chunks of this monstrosity they call a sofa to another area and scratched the floors in the process.  Of course I saw this as a positive scratch (thinking they might consider replacing the floors entirely), then bit my lip and offered a few scratch repair tips to Honey BB.  Believe it or not, those old school erasers we all used to fix our problems in elementary school come in handy for scratches on fake wood floors!  Simply erase then wipe away with windex and a paper towel!  If you've got scuff marks or scratches that aren't terribly deep on real wood floors (first, congrats for having real wood) I love to use the magic eraser (found in most check-out lines in grocery stores).  The bottom line, ladies, not matter how you feel about your husband and his man cave, please don't fake it!
Pergo and other manufactured wood companies offer less expensive lines at Home Depot and Lowes, but just like a hairpiece or facelift, PEOPLE, we know it's fake!  Just don't do it!  If you can't afford real wood (especially if you're trying to sell a home in this market) do NOT waste your money on the fake stuff.  Many companies offer huge sales in the winter months (like cheesy as those annoying commercials are, I've used them many times and have been happy with the product and next-day install).  Also, when you compare some of the manufactured wood companies to real wood prices, they're actually pretty close.  Stay home and cook, don't drive this weekend or hold off on buying that new outfit so you can put quality pieces in your home and not awful, fake crapola!