Friday, October 12, 2012


The saying goes, one persons junk is another persons treasure, and I have to admit before tossing the above side table in the dumpster I thought twice...actually, I had exactly two thoughts; crap and dumpster.  This just isn't my style at all...1970's, laminate top, spindled spindles and, well, just too Archie Bunker for my taste.  But, it was offered to me for free and I wanted to challenge myself to a spray paint transformation, so I ran to the Home Depot, threw down $3.99 for a can of Rustoleum wicker/plastic paint in high gloss black and gave it a shot.  Believe it or not, this piece now blends with more expensive modern pieces in our home.  Instead of spending a few grand on side tables for our bar area, I spent under $10 to take two tired tables into a new era and, now, I have a few extra bucks to spend on holiday gifts this year!!
Because these tables had shiny laminate tops I used an outdoor spray paint that adheres to both plastic, metal and wicker.  I lightly sanded the tops to remove any food particles, etc. and sprayed away.  Slight bubbling happened in certain areas because I didn't remove enough of the forty years of grime, but a bit more sanding and painting did the trick.  Perched under expensive lamps and sandwiched between a mid-century modern sofa, no one would ever know these were headed for a dumpster!