Monday, September 24, 2012


Ever been surprised by the UPS man while dancing to your favorite tune in your underpants?  Yeah, me neither!  In Los Angeles it was not unusual to hear the clang of a loose shopping cart wheel zip   aimlessly down our sidewalk, car alarms chirped louder (and more frequently) than the lovely birds of spring and the hum of circling helicopters faded into the other noises of the city like loud, incredibly annoying bugs.  It's interesting then, one might think, that after moving to New York state seeing someone in our yard approaching the front door is kind of like spotting a rare eagle in a shopping mall...I'm just not used to it!  This morning, while cleaning the last remaining dishes from a delicious Sunday feast, I was startled when I heard a man say, "hellloooooo" as he opened our front door.  Yes, our Fed-Ex man is very friendly, but his presence delivering me a present was a bit unexpected this morning.  So, after my heart stopped racing I sped downstairs and jumped online to order a little extra security.  My downstairs office has a gorgeous view of the Hudson River valley, but one thing it does not have is an eye on the driveway.  Enter the Chamberlain Wireless motion alert system (parents, this is also a great way to keep track of those wandering teenagers who try to sneak in after curfew).  Northern Tool sells this device for $79.99 but I found the same one on Amazon for $37.42.  Now I can put on my dancing shoes and never worry about being surprised again!
With a range of up to 1,000 feet the alert system can let you know when deliveries have arrived or when your kids are finally home.  With a subtle "beep" and flash of the transmitter box I know when we have guests coming down the driveway.  Simple set up, great price and wonderful peace of mind!