Monday, September 17, 2012


There are a few things I just don't understand when it comes to individual taste and designing your interior spaces.  While I try very hard not to judge, sometimes it's just too difficult to keep my mouth shut and my fingers away from the keyboard! Wood paneling, Lazy-Boy recliners (especially in strange colors like pink, mauve or off-green) and taxidermy are just things that would never enter my design wheelhouse.  While I should refrain from revealing the identities of the individuals who occupy the space in the bottom photo, I believe they're actually proud of it.  My uncles and cousins proudly display the animals they've killed on the walls of a hunting lodge they all share in northern Michigan, and I'm sure stare at them fondly whilst perched on the lovely mauve Lazy-Boy chair.  Now, I'll give my uncles and cousins a break here because, well, it's a hunting space and I guess we can give them a break just this once.  However, they do all...every single one of them..also display their kill at home in their basements.  Please, PLEASE someone explain to me WHY.  Did cavemen display the same trophies??  Instead of beating them, I decided to join them and recently channeled my inner hunter when I caught a deer in the Amazon...well, truth told, I hunted down a great deal on Amazon for a cardboard deer cutout ($25.00), so decided to add a little whimsy to a basement bar with this Peta-friendly animal bust!  While I don't kill, I love hunting for fun, creative design ideas!