Thursday, September 20, 2012


This time of year just makes me feel happy to get up early, throw open the windows and breath in the fresh, fall air.  It also thrills me to walk into stores and find summer items marked down up to 75% off!  If you've been reading for awhile, you might remember a client I had this time last year.  He was desperate to set up his home for the competitive real estate market and hired me to dress the entire place, head to toe.  Midway through my design process he decided he liked what I'd done so much, he decided to stay, and spend even more money on sprucing up the exterior spaces.  As anxious as he was to move in I was to save him a few bucks.  When browsing the aisles of Lowe's in August shopping for outdoor furniture prices were sizzling summer-ridiculous.  I started chatting with a lovely employee who told me to come back in a month when all the outdoor furniture would be marked down to incredibly low prices.  A month later, trusting my new friend in high places, I walked in with low expectations but stepped out a very, very happy shopper.  Now if you live somewhere with year-round sun, chances are these sales don't exist where you are but they are online for all to grab (Lowe's, for example, extended this years sale to October 1).  The great indoor/outdoor dining chairs I found above have a rust-free aluminum frame, quick-dry fabric and are sturdy enough to host the biggest, most rowdy of guests.  In the summer you will pay a whopping $198 for two, while I picked up the same pair this afternoon for $49.50!  As temperatures start to drop, don't forget to pick up these hot deals!
While many box stores have outdoor sales now, Lowe's seems to have the best selection of good quality, fantastically priced items (at least according to this designer).  Log on to and search outdoor furniture.  If you find a fantastic deal somewhere else, email me and let me know so I can share the wealth of information!