Friday, September 21, 2012


If you've always wanted a mid-century modern home but thought you couldn't afford it, well, now you can!  Would you like to visit the Space Needle, Sydney Opera House or the Willis Tower in Chicago (better known as the Sears Tower).  Thanks to the creative geniuses at Lego, now you can do all of the above and never leave the comfort of your living room (or spend over a few hundred dollars!).  As a kid with an active imagination, Lego provided me with hours upon hours of healthy escapism, where with just a few clicks of colorful blocks, I was transported to another world.  Today I can take the same fantasy trip to some of the worlds most architecturally significant locations.  The Farnsworth house above can be purchased on for $59.99 or amazon for $49 and is a striking replica of Mies Van der Rohe's modern masterpiece.  If you've got a design buff on your list this year, grab one of these before they're gone!