Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Wow, these islands are small, aren't they? Click images to view larger or visit www.ikea.com/kitchens. Where was I?  Oh, yeah, heading to the islands...well, not the lovely Hawaiian Islands, Turks and Caicos or another Bahama mama, but to the kitchen section of Ikea in lovely Paramus, New Jersey.  Yup, some A-list designers hop on planes and fly to exotic locations for inspiration, I hop in my car and drive thirty minutes south of our home to the Garden State to get my juices flowing!  This week I've found myself sandwiched between a rock and a hard budget line, so headed to the land of great deals for a steal of an idea.  In an otherwise bland, galley kitchen, the homeowners have asked me to help spruce up the space for less than $500.  Paint, new light fixtures, interesting wall art and fancy drawer pulls helped lift most of this face, but the bowling alley-like space was still missing something.  In fact, it was screaming out for and island for extra counter space and guests to lean while the cook whips up a fabulous cuisine.  I found two great options floating in the middle of the Ikea kitchen department.  The top version is the most expensive at $399 and comes with a solid oak butcher block top and two sturdy stainless steel shelves.  One side is sold, so can be placed against a wall or used as a bar stool conversation area.  The other option, in all stainless steel,  is only $159 and comes with the option of rolling casters (which thankfully lock in place when you aren't on a roll).  I liked it so much I picked up two so I could use one as a creative craft storage area in another clients home.  I didn't have to go far to find great inspiration on a tiny island!
The top island I also thought would make excellent storage in a laundry room, place two pushed back to back in a kids craft area for creative projects or homework or as a massive island in a huge kitchen.  Don't overlook the low-cost box stores when redesigning a space, because inside you might find incredible ideas and phenomenal prices!