Friday, August 24, 2012


Yesterday wasn't unlike any other in our (somewhat) hectic lives; Joe woke up at 4am to fly to the west coast for a meeting, I was up and out shopping for furniture with a client by 9, in the city with another client at noon, back to the Hudson Valley to meet with an architect for a renovation project at 3 and walking a divorcee through her new place at 7:00 PM.  Then, suddenly, I panicked..the sun was going down and while my lovely client discussed stove options (and my hungry stomach rumbled) I realized I'd forgotten to leave lights on at home for our lonely puppy...lost in the haste of our Thursday.  But, thanks to the brilliant design team at Belkin Electronics and their latest WeMo (they make many of the handy accessories for smart phones and tablets), with the tap of a free app on my iPhone, I was able to turn on our living room lights, the TV in our family room, the radio in our master and the lights in our driveway from forty miles away (most likely terrifying our senior citizen pupp).  While there are millions of apps for various crap, this one is a ton of fun!
After downloading a free app from the App Store (and purchasing the WeMo for $49.99), anything you plug into it is accessible from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as long as you have a wifi router at home.  If you're at dinner and forgot to leave a light on, just touch the app.  Are you in Hawaii and wondering if your kids are waking up on time at home in California? Plug the WeMo into your radio and give them a nice surprise early in the morning!  As my tired brain gets older, I'm happy to see technology progressing to help me ensure there's always a light at the end of whatever tunnel I'm heading down!