Friday, August 17, 2012


Well, what can I say, there are hunters and gatherers in my family.  I tend to gather...I gather information and find great deals on furniture.  I gather friends and family and go out to lovely restaurants for dinner.  I gather around the fire in winter, sip on a nice cocktail and talk about nothing at all.  I gather that those in my family who hunt, don't do many of the things I do.  That became especially apparent this summer on a visit to Michigan for a family vacation.  My uncles, the hunters among us, have a "lodge" in northern Michigan where they gather every once and a while, crack open a few beers, dress in dreadfully awful camouflage outfits and head out into the woods to (gasp) shoot Bambi.  But I'm trying not to judge them, as I hope they don't judge me (well, actually they do judge me..all in good fun, of course).  I say "lodge" because this structure they choose to eat, sleep (and I think sometimes shower in) looks like something out of Deliverance, made of sticks and stones, it barely stands and is filled with animal bones...and heads!  I don't think I will ever fully comprehend the sport of hunting, and I'll certainly never understand why the hunter then places the hunted somewhere on a wall in their home.  In an effort not to judge, however, I thought I would embrace this Midwestern design trend by purchasing my own bust at Urban Outfitters for $30 (and I thought they were so cool I'm sending my nephew to college with one too)!  No guns, blood or gutting of anything involved here, just a few taps on a keyboard and maybe a paper cut when assembling.  Hunting season is around the corner, but these fun pieces can take center stage year round!