Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Trying to arrange framed objects on a wall can be as tricky as getting kids to stand quietly in a straight line at a theme park after serving them ice cream.  Not only is it frustrating and exhausting, it can leave you asking yourself why you tried it in the first place.  But, that's why I'm offer tips like never, ever take kids to a theme park and if you lose your mind for just a moment and give in, don't serve them sweets unless you enjoy pain and suffering!  Actually, I'm not here to offer tips on raising children, but I can help make the spaces you raise them in more comfortable and enjoyable places to be.  Framing the lovely little ones art projects is a great way to honor them and make them feel apart of the home (well, the piles and piles of clothes and toys is also an indication that they are a part of your home!).  If you couldn't tell, by the way, I'm working with a client this week and working around her many, many children and grandchildren...more on that in a later blog, "how to deal with piles of bile." For now, we will focus on the task of creating collections of framed pieces on a wall.  So, grab some paper, a pair of scissors and find a quiet corner in your home to call your own...if for just a few minutes!
I have several little tricks I use in hanging prints on a wall, but this one is great for grouping frames together in a stacked formation.  FIRST, I place the frames on the floor and decide on the best layout.  THEN, I take my pieces of paper and cut them to the size of each frame, laying them on top of my floor design.  If I'm using wire picture hangers, I place the frame on top of my paper cutout, pull the wire taught and make a dot where the nail should go.  I tape them all together and take my template to the wall, choosing the perfect spot for my creation.  Once I find it, I use painters tape (won't stick to the wall or remove the paint) to secure my template, then I place nails where I've marked my spots and hammer them into the wall.  Once the nails are in place, I remove my template to reveal perfectly placed nails for my collection.  Yes, this might sound like a lot of work to get the perfect look, but it's much, much easier than you think and the results are well worth it!