Thursday, August 2, 2012

Now THIS is an EASEL Tip!

I know, I know...I'm tired and lacking creative anything, so give me a break! But, this IS an easy little tip, and as I popped into our friend Sarina's house this afternoon (mainly to escape the humidity but mostly to see her, of course) I was reminded of how cool I am...urr, uhm, I mean, how creative people can be.  Now, while I give major props to our dear friend for this creative idea, I blogged about it a few years ago (top photo is mine..sorry Lady...bottom is hers from this afternoon).  When I moved from the wide open west coast to the high cost of the tight east, it didn't take long for me to learn how to fit a lot into a tiny space.  One of my first challenges in New York was to design a small apartment for a big diva, so to cut cost and save space I decided to put her flat screen TV on an easel I found at an arts and crafts store for $9.99 (saved me from hiring an electrician and turned an otherwise ugly electronic piece into art...sort of).  Today, our lovely friend, Sarina, had a similar idea.  While she loves her television, she didn't want it to be the star of the room, so she found an easel at a local arts and crafts store, splashed it with paint and before her very eyes a star was born.
to make your very own Sarina-worthy TV stand just buy an easel.  Find some paint. Have fun.  Sarina plans to store her dvd player and other electronic-what-have-yous on the shelf below..why don't you? Send me pics of your creation and maybe I'll share it here!