Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Some trends don't let up, and the mirrored dresser is one of them.  The easiest way to spot a trend (especially in furniture) is to walk into two different stores (preferably a high end store then a chain, like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn).  When you see the mainstream store producing pieces that look like the expensive version, there's your trend!  Tufting was big for a while, nail heads also very trendy (you'll see them on high end chairs, for example, and pieces at stores like Pier 1 and Cost Plus).  When browsing the over-priced aisles of a snooty shop in SoHo last week with a client, she spotted a mirrored nightstand she adored.  The price, however, made her scream bloody murder (a whopping $2,700) until I assured her I could find it for much less.  While I won't argue there are differences in the finishes, the pieces I found at Pottery Barn for $399/each are hard to beat and even more difficult to distinguish between the two.  While she could've easily dropped more than $5,000 on two night stands in SoHo, why not Save-Mo by shopping smart!
If you spot something you love then get discouraged by the price, don't give up.  Your best friend will help you out in two seconds..GOOGLE.  Sometimes simply typing in exactly what you want works; "where can I find a mirrored dresser similar to the one I saw at.." You don't need a fairy god mother to show you the way, only a little imagination and search engine!
*while you might gasp at the thought of putting a lower-end version of something trendy in your home, pairing it with a more expensive piece makes it all work.  In this room I used an expensive lamp on top and hung a vintage piece of art from an auction above it.