Friday, August 10, 2012


If you've turned your radio on at all this summer (or tuned into any morning chat show) you've undoubtedly heard the hit teeny-bopper song, "Call Me Maybe."  While the Abercrombie & Fitch, over-indulged adolescent crowd adores this beat, just hearing it often induces vomiting for me.  Call me maybe?  Uhm, how about lose my number and never call me at all!  While the bubble gum crowd beeps and bops through summer while dancing to this beat, It makes me think of better times had long, long ago when "call me" meant actually picking up a phone, speaking into it while (usually) sitting in one place. Text me maybe?  Facebook me maybe?  Tweet me maybe?  Alexander Bell would roll over in his grave if he knew how his practical invention has evolved over the years.  Good Lord, how far we've come and how steep we've fallen! This week my iPhone rang and on the other end was a hip, young couple in need of a little design intervention, so I jumped at the opportunity to help. The main request: create something fresh, fun and totally unique, so I hopped on the Internet and found this great, old London phone booth and my mind began to buzz with cool ideas (after I was almost rear ended by a texting teenager on the way over to see it).
I love finding interesting pieces and giving them new life and this $100 find fits the bill.  After cleaning it up, adding a fresh coat of paint and fixing a few broken pieces of glass, this old chap will catapult into a different class!  Placed in a large, open kitchen, this booth reminds the owners and visitors of simpler times past, and is a fun spot to make a peaceful call.