Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have fond memories of spending summer vacations with family in Michigan, which always proved to be a much needed break from reality. As many kids my age were shipped off to camp, my summer school consisted of life long lessons learned while spending time with family. My uncles taught me how to fish and showed me what went in to building a cabin, I watched my grandmother make fresh rhubarb pie while my grandfather prepared a pig for fifty hungry guests. I observed my aunts making life happen for their children as I skipped around the woods of northern Michigan with my cousins, talking about nothing more than what made us happy that day. Twenty (ish) years later I find myself back in the great lakes state desperately trying to hold on to those youthful pleasantries. The land looks the same, but we've all changed just a bit. My aunts and uncles are now grandparents. My cousins have (somehow become) parents. Some of us have grey hair, some might've gained a few extra pounds, but the smiles, laughter and warm embraces haven't changed a bit. As a kid I couldn't wait to ride my grandfathers tractor and chase fireflies in the sultry summer sky, now I just love to sit and chat. Roaming the streets of the small towns and villages that pepper this area, I often find myself daydreaming about our former lives and the cherished memories made. Wasn't it just so simple then? A visit here does more than recharge my batteries, it reminds me of what really matters and allows me to tune out the noise of life, if for just a second. And what better spot to check out, than a lovely porch! SWING LOW There is no better place, in my humble opinion, to discover hidden treasures than the back roads of middle America where deals are plenty and the getting good! Take this yard sale find bench (purchased for $5) and slip covered by using an outdoor table cloth from Target for $9.99!!! Wherever you are, it doesn't take a lot of effort or money to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery!