Monday, July 9, 2012


What's more fun than a house full of guests on a long holiday weekend? A delicious self serve bar to help you make it through all of it with a smile! While there are many innovative, space saving and (fairly) inexpensive outdoor bars on the market today, this one is hard to beat in its simple design,easy assembly and great price. So get ready to welcome your guests with a smile...and a nice, cold beverage! BELLY UP TO THIS BAR! Find a good spot outside for a bar or serving center. After measuring the space, head to the hardware store for a nice piece of wood. If you flash a smile they are more than likely to cut it for you! Grab a few shelf brackets and door hinges and head home. I like to drop our bar after using it, so attach the brackets to the hinges so I can close them and drop the shelf. For under $10 and in less than an hour I've created one of the happiest spots in our house!