Monday, July 23, 2012


A few years ago...okay, many, many years ago, I sashayed just south of Lake Pontchartrain to the colorful mecca of New Orleans to visit my brother while he sampled his sophomore year at Tulane University. Somewhere on Bourbon Street, while he was busy at a fraternity meeting, I learned a lot about booze! While the big easy tempts many with her forbidden fruit, I demanded more.  Mardi Gras draws the obvious boob-popping, beer guzzling, reality-star-obsessed youngsters from around the world, but this food/wine/people connoisseur wanted more.  One morning, while thumbing through a menu at the Court of Two Sisters, our waitress zipped in and dropped a few bottles of "infused" water. She explained, under her soft southern twang, that the water was "deeeeliciousss" because they'd popped a few fruit "bobbles" into the water the night before.  Through by bourbon-induced haze I thought...humm, she's on to something.  It took several years for me to figure out what that "something" was.  We have wild raspberries growing, well WILD, around our house, so I headed out the other day with a zip-lock and testy fingers.  When I brought my fresh catch home, Joe looked at me and said, "why don't you drop those in a bottle (see my last blog for bottle advice), add a bit of vodka and let them sit for a few days?"  I hate to admit it...I REALLY HATE TO ADMIT IT... but he was right. A few days later my fresh raspberries in store bought vodka tasted like, you guessed it, RASPBERRY VODKA!  Of course I added cucumber and cherry to the test and will let you know how it turns out!
IF YOU ENJOY BOOZE pick any fruit you like, drop it in a bottle (pineapple, apple..YUM), add vodka and let sit for a few days.  Then, responsibly, ENJOY!