Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I consider myself old school when it comes to many modern-day conveniences.  I can't bring myself to read on a kindle, call me crazy, but I love the tactile experience that only comes from holding a book in my hands.  I actually memorize phone numbers in my address book instead of relying on Siri for support, and I use what I like to call "the poor mans GPS," a good, old-fashioned Rand McNally Road Atlas to help me navigate the twists and turns of daily life.  Many mornings, while sipping my cup of Joe, I'll flip through the pages of my Atlas fantasizing about where I'll go next, what fun road will zip me out of my reality for just a moment and take me on a wild adventure.  So naturally, when designing a comfy work space for a creative writer in New York, I decided to decorate an entire wall with old maps found in National Geographic magazines at a thrift shop for under $5.  Armed with an exacto knife, wallpaper glue and puddy knife (for smoothing out the rough edges) I went to town on this wall of the world!