Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi.  My name is Paul. I LOVE Christmas!!!  (group of at least 11 says in unison...) "HI PAUUULLLLLLL."  So, that was a tiny peek into a big dream I have almost every other night.  Wouldn't life be a much, much easier place to live if Christmas were every other day?  Well, maybe it would be a bit expensive, but at least everyone would be happy!  You aren't buying this, are you?  Well, I love Christmas and the months leading up to it, and guess what, THIS IS a month leading up to it!!!  Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you decorate your front lawn with Rudolph and Mrs. Clause.  But, start making your list, check it twice and realize how lucky you are to be alive and well.  It's been a rough week for the world, so pardon me as I run off to enjoy the silly part of life...and fantasize about Mr. and Mrs Clause wrapping happy things for all of us to enjoy in a few months!
But if you do, check out your favorite stores online NOW for great sales.  Make lists of those you will forget in the haste of the day..the math teacher, the neighbor who brought your lazy pup home last month, the butcher who always cuts a special piece for you...make note now to make them know they count later!