Thursday, July 12, 2012


While I'm loving my time this week visiting family in Michigan, I could do without the sweltering, sticky Midwest heat!  Have I mentioned how much I hate humidity lately???  My Aunt Sandy has the perfect solution, though, to beat the heat and have a fun time doing it too!  Now, I'd never say I was sheltered...after all I've lived in LA for the better part of my career and now in New York (well, an hour north of Manhattan, but still a fairly progressive area) so when Aunt Sandy introduced me to Cake Pops I told her to rush to the nearest government agency to patent these puppies ASAP.  In her sweet, kind voice she giggled and whispered..."Starbucks has been selling them for years!"  Well, I can assure you the Starbucks version isn't nearly as good as my Aunts and this simple, delicious recipe will prove it!  If you need a fun, easy way to keep the heat at bay, this little number takes the cake....and turns it into something even better!
Head out to your grocery store and purchase a box cake.  Stop by an arts and crafts store for candy sticks and white chocolate (if you can't find at your grocery store) then head home and get ready to drool!  Bake the cake per the directions on the box.  Let it cool then toss it in a bowl.  Add half of the icing to moisten things up a bit (and make it easy to roll the cake into 1" balls).  Set aside.  Melt your chocolate of choice (I like the bag of white chocolate, melted on the stove).  Dip sticks into melted chocolate then insert in cake balls (melted chocolate acts as glue to keep balls on).  Then dip balls into melted chocolate to coat.  Decorate as desired then let cool in refrigerator.  If you aren't serving for awhile, place in freezer but take out in time to cool.  Serve chilled and watch your guests moan and groan to one of summers delights!