Thursday, July 26, 2012

Face Value

I can't resist a cute face and, clearly, neither can my parents!  I can say many, many things about mom and dads new found love of these tiny ewok-like creatures, but I'm a sucker for dogs.  I'm also a sucker for clean furniture!  On my last visit to Palm Springs I fell in love all over again with these adorable puppies, but hated the dirty slurps they left on all of the furniture.  So, what's the solution? You clean your babies with it, so why not baby your furniture with flushable wipes too?  Pee, poo and eye gunk too, these handy wipes will make it much, much easier for you!
Flushable wipes are GREAT but make sure they don't have bleach (many have caught on to this craze, but add bleach which will ruin your sheets!).  Need to get a scratch off your wall? Pick up a wipe OR the magic eraser....and never worry again!