Monday, July 30, 2012


With the summer Olympics in full swing across the pond, it seemed only appropriate to talk about what we do around our pond in the summer.  Now, before I hit you with this tip, I know you might be wondering how on earth a bug zapper falls under the category of dining or designing, but before you jump to judgement, allow me to explain.  As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I enjoy designing outdoor living spaces as much as interiors because it presents a whole other world of possibilities (and challenges).  The blank canvas of a grassy back yard or simple desert landscape can be easily transformed into outdoor living and dining rooms, relaxing sanctuaries for afternoon reading or cocktail hour with neighbors.  Summer often presents uninvited pesky intruders, however, that can ruin any outdoor gathering, and while Martha Stewart might not suggest hanging a bug zapper over her rhubarb pie, there are other ways to make those bugs die!  I've blogged about (and use) smudge pots every year to smoke out some of these trespassers, but sometimes that just isn't enough.  Two weeks ago, while vacationing with family in northern Michigan, the mosquitos were so bad they sent us fleeing for a safe escape indoors, too bad I didn't have this little tool to send them running! While I LOVE this latest find, keep in mind this is NOT a toy and should never, ever be left in the hands of the kiddos!  The Insect Zapper sells on for $20 and kills on contact everything from mosquitos, gnats, horse flies and moths to deer flies, yellow jackets, hornets and wasps without making a mess!  Shaped like a tennis racket and armed with a powerful zapper (powered by two C batteries, some models are rechargeable) the LED light attracts bugs and zaps them on contact.  As we roll into August and the end of another summer, don't let nasty bugs make your outdoor living experience a bummer!