Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Consider this TUESDAY'S QUICKIE because the heat is on and I have no time to get ready for it!  According to the weathermen and women around the country this week is going to be a scorcher just about everywhere, so it's best to get a jump start so when it arrives you don't have to raise a finger!  I thought my Uncle Randy was on to something last August in Michigan with his solution for fighting the dog days of summer (and limiting the amount of times he got up from his chair), when he found this hot beach chair at CostCo with a cooler attached to the side!  Because I'm not planning on spending too much time in the sun this week, a chair isn't exactly the route I was thinking of taking to avoid the heat...as I head out the door, my list includes: 1.) extra batteries for flashlights (in case the power goes out), 2.) large bottles of water and ice, 3.) frozen doggie treats to keep Canyon cool (available in the ice cream section of most grocery stores), 4.) ingredients for gazpacho (read tomorrows blog) and 5.) watermelon.  I'm also filling my ice trays at home (again, in case the power goes out) and adding a little flavor to a few of them like diet lemonade from Snapple (delicious as a popsicle).  Okay, I'm off like a hot rocket so I can keep cool this week!
QUICK TIP: Don't forget, if you're hot, chances are your pets are even warmer. I LOVE the pet ice cream balls available at the grocery store (healthy treats to keep them cool throughout the day) and try to keep Canyon's water cool by adding ice throughout the day.