Monday, June 18, 2012


After a long, exhausting week I was looking forward to nothing more than sleeping in on Saturday morning.  Well, that didn't happen.  As the sun tried to break through the cold fog of morning mist around 6:00 am, the sounds of birds chirping and frogs burping was overshadowed by the buzz (and knocks) of early morning garage-salers.  Our neighbors decided to hold a sale this weekend to purge an over-crowded house of unnecessary junk.  The only problem, in my tired opinion, were the aggressive early birds humming around for a special deal or perfect rummage sale steal.  If you've hosted a garage/yard/moving/estate sale you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Advertise wherever you want...heck, fly a hot air balloon over your house with location and time, and eager beaver garage salers will arrive EARLY no matter what.  This isn't usually a problem if you're trying to make a buck, but as far as sleeping in, I was outta luck!  For whatever reason potential shoppers thought our front door was the gateway to yard sale bliss, and sadly, I showed them what they could kiss!  Tired, grumpy and in no mood to deal with bargain hunters, I pulled on my finest garden clogs and tromped over to the sale to check out what all the buzz was about.  To my pure delight, I found a few diamonds in the rough.  For $5 I scored a set of six outdoor chairs and one settee, which took the pain of an early rising away with a few moments of spending glee.  After my third cup of coffee, I raced over to the Home Depot and bought three cans of Rustoleum outdoor paint (read the label..this one is perfect for plastic, metal and wood).  Two coats later these sad old chairs are ready for classier affairs!  My splurge, thanks to a neighbors purge, were the Pottery Barn outdoor throw pillows made with sunbrella fabric, just the thing to give these rescued pieces bling!