Friday, June 29, 2012

It's okay to be corny this summer!

Nothing says summer like humidity, afternoon thunderstorms or biting deer flies..well, if you live in our neighborhood, that is!  I am trying my hardest, however, to overlook the negative things about this incredibly hot season (did I mention mosquitos, large snakes and ticks too??).  I will, instead, focus on the things I love like the smell of hot charcoal on a grill cooking something delicious like this fabulous corn on the cob with spicy Mexican rub!  Once you have this you'll never go back to plain old butter ever again!
All you need for this delicious rub is Farmers Cheese (looks like cream cheese), Mayo, Cilantro, Garclic (minced) and chili powder.  Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl (last night we decided to use a measuring cup instead) and set aside.  Brown the corn on the grill, remove from grill and apply rub with a brush, then place back on grill, rotating often.  Remove from grill and add more rub, grab a few washcloths (this is a bit messy) and enjoy!