Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Since it seems like everyone is talking about what happens inside the bedroom lately, I figured it was only appropriate to take a little adventure into this intimate, sacred space this week to spruce things up a bit.  While the best selling novel focuses on different kinds of tips, I'm a preacher of re-igniting bedroom flames with one little tip; COLOR! In fact, I could write an entire book on transforming spaces by using one little can of paint.  So, this week I decided to brighten things up in a master bedroom with a color most would never associate with "bright" at all, but I went out on a limb and put grey on the wall!  Using two different shades of grey I created focal points (for POP use a lighter shade and move at least two shades darker on the color swatch card) adding white to the moldings helped it all POP even more!  That expensive chandelier hanging above the bed, by the way, was a yard sale find ($3) spray painted bright red and the accent pillow came from one of my faves, HOME GOODS for $15!  So, if you're feeling blue about what's going on in your bedroom, why not try shades of grey to brighten up your day?
QUICK TIP: Home Depot and Lowe's sell sample sized paint colors for $1.99-5.00 and believe it or not the small tester covers much more than you'd think!  Now, you aren't going to be able to paint an entire room with it, but if you want to add an interesting accent color to that old dresser, spruce up a bed frame or paint a garage sale find, don't spend $15 on an entire quart when you can see the same big results for far less!
**because there are literally more than fifty shades of grey, it's always a good idea to buy sample size paint colors if you can't commit to your favorite one.  Paint stripes on your wall, watch them for a day (in morning and evening light) and choose the one to your hearts delight!