Thursday, May 17, 2012


Every once and awhile I feel like an annoying parent telling their kid over and over again that if they invest a little time in studying today, the payoff will be tremendous in the future.  Well, thankfully I'm not a parent, but I do find myself trying to convince clients that a tiny investment in time (and/or money) often goes a long way in their homes.  I understand that people get overwhelmed by clutter and mess, and suppose I wouldn't have a job if it weren't for that sense of doom and interior gloom, but it's truly much easier than you think to transform a space with a few simple steps.  I gave myself the challenge of working in the above room for ONE HOUR using one can of paint and anything I found in the house.  While the bold yellow was certainly an effort in creativity, it needed a little toning down.  The bizarre print on the window found its way into the trash can before I blinked an eye, and a few other tweaks and twists helped change this loud collection space of crap into a lovely, soothing spot for an afternoon nap.
QUICK TIP: Before bringing more junk into your home, look around your basement, attic, garage and other places where you store furniture and knick knacks and "shop at home" before spending money on new pieces.  You might be surprised by what little piece in the living room comes to life in the guest bedroom!