Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In the last few weeks I've received several emails from desperate housewives asking how to jazz things up in the bedroom.  Because I'm not a therapist, initial thoughts were to suggest reading Fifty Shades of Grey, purchase a little sassy something from Victoria's Secret or new sheets and lighting always seem to brighten things up.  Then I realized these women were not asking for advice on what to do between the sheets, but above and around them.  I immediately thought of one of my favorite clients in LA who hired me to "fluff" her bedroom every season (because there aren't any real seasons in LA, other than Awards Season, she wanted her interior environment to evolve in color and texture) so I'd buy new pillows, design custom made bedding and curtains, re-arrange the furniture and for the most dramatic change, I'd paint the ceiling!  Because not everyone can afford to overhaul their home every few months, I suggest a room in a can.  I've said it a million times and, for whatever reason, it is often the most difficult design element to sell to a suspicious client, but a little paint can go a long, long way.  Take these two perfectly lovely rooms which were taken to a new level by adding a little splash of color on the ceilings.  The top room was already designed to the nines, but adding a completely opposite color to the various shades of grey in the room changed it dramatically (green on the ceiling was also introduced in the curtains and throw pillows on the bed, little design tweaks that cost under $200).  And don't fall for the misconception that color makes a room look smaller, because it doesn't...a perfect example is the second room where a lighter version of the mocha was added to the ceiling, allowing the molding to pop and creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.  So next time you walk into your bedroom and raise an eyebrow to the design, try lifting your head (and a paintbrush) to transform that blank canvas of a ceiling into a show stopper!