Monday, May 14, 2012


It was beautiful, sunny, and warm in the northeast this weekend which meant one allergies were off the charts!  While April showers brought May flowers, they also brought several events for our calendar like graduations, anniversaries and birthdays, so while Joe mowed the lawn I surfed the net for cool ideas.  I didn't start drinking coffee until my late twenties, but it seems like every Starbucks I've walked into lately is filled with kids ordering Grande Half-Caff Lattes with a shot of espresso!  If you're sending your kid off to college in the fall, why not help them stay on the ball with the Keurig one-cup, space saving coffee maker.  It's tiny footprint and hip design make it a perfect graduation gift and is guaranteed to put a spring in any kids step ( $100).  My mouse then ran over to where I found these great cheese boards in the shape of any state for $40.  And, to the poor kids on The Tonight Show last night who couldn't point to North America on a map, that's New York state!!  Two clicks and two great gifts!