Friday, May 11, 2012


She carried you for nine months, changed your unmentionables, sent you off to school with a hug, helped you with homework, folded your laundry, tolerated your evolving styles, welcomed you home from college with open arms, made you chicken soup to warm your soul and even paid a surgeon to remove that horrible mole...after years of listening to you whine, it's your turn to raise a glass and toast your mother with her own, personalized bottle of wine!  Well, let's be honest, she deserves a case for putting up with your little face, but for now one bottle of red will most likely send her off to bed!  Here's to all of the mothers who give us love like no others!
QUICK TIP: I love re-purposing old photos (sorry, Mom) and found one of my favorites from 19__ of us on the shores of Lake Michigan...Gucci purse and all!  I loved it so much I decided to make a wine label out of it! will take a bottle of wine and create labels ($2/each for 20 labels plus wine) or do it yourself by scraping off the label with a razor blade and using or to create stickers out of your favorite photos (.99/each at walmart).  If she despises the photo, the wine will make it less painful!