Monday, April 30, 2012


Four years ago today we rolled into New York State with high hopes and great expectations, and boy has it ever been one helluvah ride!  While it's been a bumpy, winding road at times, we're still here stronger than ever SO WHY NOT CELEBRATE?  We love outdoor entertaining, so when I ran into the great outdoor side table/bar at Sams Club for $69.98 I had to grab it (top photo;!  Made of heavy-duty woven plastic, the wicker-look is fantastic as a side table and with one touch raises to reveal an ice chest below.  Locked in the upright position the table becomes bar-stool height and the perfect addition to any outdoor gathering.  And what might you serve at your next outside bash?  How about lemon drops (vodka, fresh lemon juice and a dab of sugar) served in the freshly hallowed lemons?  For a non-alcoholic treat fill them with sorbet!  Two simple things to give your next party a twist!
QUICK TIP: I love using left-over fruit as serving pieces for drinks or desserts. For oranges, lemons and limes, simply cut in half, use a juicer to squeeze out the freshness (I bought mine for $1.99 at Ikea) and remove any extra "bits" with a spoon (even easier if you have a grapefruit spoon).  With a knife or cheese grater, flatten the bottom so they'll sit flat on at table.  If serving lemon drops, place sugar on a dish and dip top rims of lemons in sugar and pour drink in each half.  For sorbet or jello, simply dish it up!  Your guests will appreciate the extra step and fabulous twist!