Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I often get mocked for my love of vintage travel trailers, but notice how seamlessly one fits into this ultra modern home design!  While this credenza was a bit more than many peoples mortgages (purchased at Design Within Reach for $3750) the artwork...ALL of the artwork, cost less than a pair of Levi's!  When I'm hired to design a space I love to dig through the clients basement, attic and deep, dark corners of closets to find cool things I can re purpose.  One of my favorite and least expensive art projects is mounting fabric on canvases.  In this example, orange vintage corduroy was mounted to store bought canvases, giving it texture and filling the room with vibrant energy.  Add a blown up, mounted photo of a vintage travel trailer and the look becomes whimsical, cheery and fun.  The lamp? A find at Home Goods for $15 and the wooden ducks were on sale at for $6/each.  Even when I'm working with a budget that's out of this world I like to add touches from my reality.
QUICK TIP: If you have a favorite picture of anything, turn it into art with a few simple clicks of your mouse.  Register online at and you can upload photos and in an hour walmart will mount them to a canvas for less than $20!  Cool art at a hot deal!