Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As disappointed as I am with the incredibly mild winter we had on the east coast, I must say I'm looking forward to the long, hot days of summer.  Well, truth told, I hate the heat and despise the bugs that come with swampy summer nights, but I do enjoy entertaining outside, so had to find a solution to keep those nasty, uninvited bugs at bay.  A few years ago I discovered these great smudge pots at Plow & Hearth and they quickly became my favorite must-have accessory for outdoor dining.  A search on Amazon will find smudge pots ranging from $9/each to over $100 for a set of six, but these designs at Plow & Hearth for $24.95 are great.  I bought the copper finish and after living outside for two years they've weathered many storms and show their age with grace and style.  Utility companies used them as warning lights in the days before battery-operated orange flashers and now, with its wind proof design (heavy ballast in bottom keeps them from blowing over) they won't blow out!  Fill them with citronella, light them up, invite friends over and keep the bugs far, far away!