Monday, April 16, 2012


It's safe to say we love our animals but the smell of pet urine on our rugs is less than desirable, right?  Covering the odor up with any kind of carpet therapy spray ends up smelling like floral scented urine.  We can't put diapers on them, so what's the solution?  A recent stroll through my least favorite store (I avoid it because the customers end up smelling like a herd of donkeys) found me stumbling upon a pretty cool tip; outdoor rugs.  To my delight, walmart has partnered with Good Housekeeping and designed fairly good looking outdoor rugs.  Instead of looking like Grandma designed it on her way out, these designs are fresh, hip and because they're made with outdoor fabric, incredibly easy to clean!  Place one indoors in a high pet-traffic zone and no one will ever notice the difference.  When fluffy makes a messy, just pick up the rug, hose it off and put it right back!  While we might not be a able to control where our pets pee, we sure can help what our guests see (and smell)!
QUICK TIP:  Everyone from the Home Depot and Lowes to Target and K-Mart sell outdoor rugs, but walmart has great looking designs and all are under $60!  Even if you don't have pets, place one in a high traffic area and when the dirt gets overwhelming, just wash it off!