Monday, April 2, 2012


The very thought of lattice used to make me cringe, break into a flop sweat and head for a dark corner for peace and quiet.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate lattice, I just hate what some people do with it.  I met someone once upon a time who thought the solution to every outdoor problem was, you guessed it, LATTICE.  Have a hole in your fence? Pop some lattice up.  Need to hide the pool equipment?  Hey, here's a thought, build a lattice shelter it can hide behind! Who needs trees when you can block your neighbors with lattice!  Okay, I'll admit none of those solutions are horrible, but when you're a teenager and hired for $2/hour to paint said lattice, it can become your worst nightmare!  Lattice, when used sparingly and tastefully, can be incredibly beautiful and helpful.  Step into this cramped utility shed for a moment with me.  Sometimes we're just too tired to return outdoor tools to their proper place after spending the day on yard duty, and like a disorganized linen closet, it can turn into a disaster zone in the blink of an eye.  Enter our good ole buddy, Mr. Lattice!  By taking a small piece ($3 at the Home Depot for a 4'x4' piece) and adding "S" hooks, garden tools can hang in plain sight, not under piles of junk.  In a tight space add a piece of lattice to a door for easy access to your most frequently used tools.  And here I go out on a lattice limb, but I've even created a unique headboard in a kids room by adding lattice!  So, not only can you hide a mess in your backyard with lattice, but you can also organize your mess in a few simple steps!