Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sometimes even adults need adult supervision.  Come on, we've all been there at least once...go to a party or host one and inevitably someone drops a glass, stains a new piece of furniture or embarrasses themselves in one way or another.  Don't fault them, though, because that's the collateral damage of welcoming guests into our spaces.  I often laugh to myself at people who host parties yet require attendees remove their shoes (I once walked into a New Year's Eve party with more than a hundred guests where we were all asked to remove our shoes..needless to say, I side-stepped right out of there!).  Others refuse to take the plastic off their furniture, only serve light colored beverages to avoid stains or insist on serving heavy meals on flimsy, paper plates...uhm, people, DON'T HOST PARTIES IF YOU'RE A HYPER, OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE ANAL FREAK!  If you're worried about Grandmas precious Baccarat Crystal glass breaking, here's a tip, PUT IT AWAY, and if you're still freaked out about breaking glass (as many of us are), try using plastic.  Now, when I say plastic, I don't mean serve an expensive wine or great champagne in a Dixie Cup (and I'm not judging those that do), the world of plastic has changed in a great way.  Take these acrylic wine glasses from Cost Plus World Market (  They are dishwasher friendly (I'd still wash by hand), look like real wine glasses and, even better, won't break when you're tipsy friend Tessa takes a spill in your living room.  At $15-$19 for a set of four they're shatterproof and foolproof!
QUICK TIP: it's always good to keep club soda and wet wipes on hand for those accidental spills.  Don't make a scene when the spill happens, just swoop in, wipe it up and move on to your guests!