Friday, April 27, 2012


IT'S FRIDAY which means for many of us it's time to party, or possibly, throw one!  Every day this week has prepared us for the weekend, have you noticed?  I've talked about delicious meals, keeping bugs away, wine glasses that won't break outside and now it's time to set the table and celebrate that we all made it to the weekend!  Yesterday I told you how to create cool mood lighting and today we're going to make a fun, totally unique centerpiece with an umbrella right in the center! I love watching Joe cook but must admit I'm not crazy about it at all.  I am, however, a huge fan of collecting everything for the kitchen and sometimes I sneak them away from Joe when he isn't looking and re-purpose them in my table designs.  I've always been fascinated by bundt pans (don't ask).  As a kid I thought they helped shape the perfect sand castle at the beach or doubled as a cool spaceship when playing Star Wars with my friends...this weekend, in a galaxy (and age group) far, far away I'm using a bundt pan as a centerpiece!  Before you roll your eyes, think about it..bundt pans and gelatin molds have holes in the middle and can accommodate an umbrella (creative, wandering minds sometimes go a long, long way) so I got to thinking about what a cool centerpiece I could make...float candles, plant something beautiful or make a delicious dip and plop it right in the middle of our outdoor table.  Because most bundt pans are relatively inexpensive (most grocery stores have them for $5) I can cook up creative ideas and not worry about ruining expensive kitchen ware.  For this centerpiece I decided to plant something, so punched little holes in the bottom of the pan for drainage, spray painted a cool design with outdoor furniture paint, planted a little something lovely and placed it on the table, slipping the umbrella right through it!  In a few simple steps I created the center of attention for any dinner party!