Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A makeup artist often has to perform miracles to make a client look pretty on-camera and staging a house 
is no different!  To make a bland, rather unattractive space look pretty you've got to accentuate the positive, so in large, cold bedrooms I like to create headboards by using just one drill driver! I've used this trick in the past and I'm using it again to bring a little pop into an otherwise boring space.  In one room with incredibly high ceilings, I hung curtains behind the bed and placed a dramatic garage-sale find frame on top of it.  The frame not only acts as an interesting focal point but draws the eye up to bring attention to the height of the room.  In another bedroom with lower ceilings I hung a curtain rod where the wall and ceiling meet and draped sheer curtains to create a warm, cozy hotel-like setting.  Both headboard transformations cost less than a shot of botox (curtains were purchased at Ikea for $19/pack and rods for $9.99.).  Next time you're looking for a bright idea in the bedroom open a pack of curtains and get ready to hang out in a much cooler space!
QUICK TIP: For a nice change in a children's room or guest bedroom, hang three finials above the bed close to the ceiling (hanging the middle finial higher than the other two...most finials come with screws attached so should be easy to screw into the wall) and drape a light curtain swag-style over the rods to create a canopy.