Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok, I'll admit there are a few things wrong with what I'm about to say, but stick with me for just a second, if you will.  This weekend we popped into a new diner for lunch where I was floored by the totally hip, modern interior decor.  Adorning the walls of this upstate New York eatery were veneer wood panels designed to look like rows of black walnut.  Now I know the thought of wood panels in any room conjures up images of depressing, damp basements, grandmas awful mid-western living room with plastic covered furniture and fake plants, and any and everything tick-tock-tacky you can think of.  But, wait...this isn't your Dad's wood paneling anymore, it's hip, easy to install and an incredibly inexpensive way to make an outdated space cool again.  With it's bendable, light weight structure, these panels can either be glued into position (similar to a wallpaper installation) or fastened with nails or drywall screws.  Available at just about any hardware store (Lowe's and Home Depot carry them starting at $10.99 for a 4x5' piece) for the cost of the blue plate special you can make your place retro-licious!
QUICK TIP: Not sure what to do with that god awful 80's drop ceiling in your basement?  Leave the metal frame in position, remove the hideous foam inserts and use them as a template to cut veneer wood panels in the same size.  Floor your guests by creating a hot, new look!